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Monday, December 6 2021

National Internet Safety Month

June 18, 2019

Internet Safety Tips Don't Respond to emails requesting confidential information Don't be tricked! It is easy for an unauthorized person to call and pretend to be an employee or business partner. Stay on guard to avoid scams! Summer of Security Be careful when downlaoding only download from reputable sources. Criminal hackers will try to trick you into downloading malware. Do your research and make sure that what you are downloading is legit and safe. Summer of Security keep your software up-to-date sotfware patches are there for a reason. Using out-of-date software opens up your devices to risks from bugs and malware. Install anti-virus software on all devices and make sure to turn on auto-update. Internet safety tips Don't let curiosity get the best of you! Be suspicious of emails and links. Always delete suspicious emails and links. Even open or viewing these emails and links can compromise your computer and create unwanted problems without your knowledge