Switch Kit


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Wednesday, October 23 2019

Make the switch to Rondout Savings Bank, always working for you and our community. We make the switch easy!

  • Switch Kit Checklist
  • Direct Deposit Information Sheet
  • Authorization to Change Automatic Payments
  • Automatic Payment & Deposit Checklist
  • Account Closure Request Letter


Switch Kit Checklist

Thank you for choosing Rondout Savings Bank. We are dedicated to ensuring that your transition is a smooth one.

Step 1 Get Organized

  • Open a Rondout Savings Bank account.
  • Review your last few statements and identify all automatic payments and automatic deposits.

Keep in mind that not all automatic payments that you have previously established occur on a monthly basis. For example, insurance payments, some utilities and federal and state tax returns/payments can occur on irregular intervals such as bi-monthly, quarterly or even an annual basis.

Step 2 Move Your Direct Deposit & Automatic Payments

  • Prepare to move your direct deposit by using the Direct Deposit Information Sheet.
    • You may be asked to fill out an additional form by the company making the direct deposit.
  • To transfer social security direct deposits, you can either call Social Security Administration at 1 (800) 772-1213 or visit the Social Security Official Website.
  • Set up new automatic payments. You can use the Authorization to Change Automatic Payments Letter, or consider Rondout Savings Bank Online Banking with free bill pay as an alternative that gives you more control over your money.
  • If you are setting up more than one automatic payment, make additional copies of the Authorization to Change Automatic Payments Letter for each automatic payment.
    • You may be asked to fill out an additional form by the company making the automatic payment.

Step 3 Close Your Old Account

  • Confirm all checks have cleared and all automatic payments have been transferred to your new account. Leave sufficient funds in your former account to cover any outstanding checks or pending automatic payments.
  • Complete the Account Closure Request Letter and send it to your former financial institution. Some financial institutions may require you to fill out additional forms. If your account is an interest-bearing account, request to have your accrued interest paid prior to closing.
  • Destroy any unused checks, ATM/debit and credit cards, and deposit slips associated with your former accounts. We can destroy them for you if needed.
  • Start using your new Rondout Savings Bank account exclusively.

Step 4 Keep Copies for Your Records

  • Remember to keep a copy of all documents, letters and forms for your personal records.

Step 5 Transfer Other Accounts

  • Consider making your financial life less complicated by transferring other accounts to Rondout Savings Bank. We offer a complete line of banking products including mortgage services. With all of your funds in one place, your banking will be easier. Our banking team will be better able to help you manage your finances and find ways to make your money work harder for you.
  • Call us at (845) 331-0073, or visit one of our branches and we will be happy to assist you.