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BauerFinancial 5-Star Rating


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Wednesday, April 25 2018

Rondout Savings Bank is not your ordinary bank. For twenty five consecutive years this community bank has earned a 5-Star rating, awarded by BauerFinancial Inc., the nation’s bank rating firm.


The Best of Bauer Award of Excellence is an accomplishment only achieved by 4.2% of the banks surveyed nationally. The 5-Star Superior Rating indicates that Rondout Savings Bank is one of the strongest in the nation, exceptional in areas of capital, loan quality, profitability and more.

“Our growth in 2015 helped us earn over $944,000 for the year. These after-tax earnings, when added to our growing capital base, continue to support our BauerFinancial 5-Star top quality financial rating — an honor we have received for 100 consecutive quarters (25 years). Our financial strength, coupled with our ongoing community commitment, will allow us to contribute over $94,000 through our Dividends to the Community program in 2016”

James F. Davenport, President and CEO

Rondout Savings Bank has set itself apart from and beyond the ratings of other local banks, further evidence that the leadership’s hard work and dedication to the bank’s core vision is paramount to its success.


What is BauerFinancial Inc.?

BauerFinancial Inc. is a nationally recognized independent bank and credit union rating and research firm. A 5-Star rating from them means that they have done their research and declared Rondout Savings Bank to be one of the strongest banking institutions in the country, not bad for a real community bank where customers are treated like people, not bank account numbers.

BauerFinancial’s Star Ratings are assigned on a scale of zero-to-five stars and are based on the current overall financial picture of the bank. Areas reviewed include but are not limited to capital ratio, profitability/loss trend, evaluating the level of delinquent loans, charge-offs and repossessed assets, the market versus book value of the investment portfolio, regulatory supervisory agreements, the community reinvestment rating (CRA), historical data and liquidity.