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Thursday, October 29 2020

“Rondout Savings Bank has been a great partner. They’ve been very understanding, they are flexible and worked with us.” — Richard Wixom, Arts Society of Kingston

Vindora & Richard Wixom
Executive Director & Board Member, Arts Society of Kingston

Richard & Vindora Wixom

“It feels good knowing when I deposit money into my account at Rondout Savings Bank that it is getting reinvested locally.” —Anna Brett, Ulster County Italian American Foundation

Tony Marmo & Anna Brett
President, Ulster County Italian American Foundation

Anna Brett & Tony Marmo

“I need a community bank to work with me as a partner, and that’s what Rondout does.” — Don Tallerman, Co-Owner of the Senate Garage

Don & Judy Tallerman
Owners, Senate Garage

Don & Judy Tallerman

“Working with a bank that puts their heart into supporting our community as much as we put our heart into what we do is a beautiful thing.” — Dan Whalen, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ulster County

Dan Whalen
Executive Director, The Boys & Girls Club of Ulster County

Dan Whalen

Working with Rondout was so easy. What a great experience!

David Sosa
Roca Floral, Kingston

For us, buying local also means banking local.

Chris and Kevin Schneider
Mother Earth’s Storehouse, Kingston

mother earths storehouse

I bank with Rondout Savings Bank because I can talk with people who know my business.

Jim Glass
Jim Glass Corvette, Kingston

jim glass corvette

When we built our rock’n’roll hotel in Woodstock, we needed a bank that got us and knew the local scene

Erin Cadigan
Owner of The White Dove Rockotel, Woodstock

white dove rockotel

Rondout is like family; they all know us

Roberta Jackson & Ray Cullen
Owners of Green Heron Farm and ABC Fuels

green heron farm and abc fuels

Rondout Savings Bank’s unbeatable customer service makes us feel like a top priority.

Larry Herzog & Ed Fetzer
Owners, Stage One Automotive

stage 1 business owner

Rondout Savings was excellent to work with. As a first time business owner, they walked me through the process with great care. To this day, they continue that approach with personal and friendly service.

Tony Marmo
Owner, Normann Staffing

norman staffing

Rondout Savings Bank was there for us when we refinanced. The professional and knowledgeable staff, met our needs and made the entire process an easy one.

Paul Hammerl
Owner, Simpson-Gaus Funeral Home

simson gavs funeral home

When big banks wouldn’t help me, Rondout did. I will never forget that.

Peter Vinci
Owner, IPA Tools

ipa business owner

They took the time to learn about my business, I like that.

Scott Mass
Owner, WCW Kitchens

wcw kitchens business owner

Their personal service was important to me.

Michael Richmond
Owner, Park Optical

park optical business owner

Rondout visits me; we discuss business over espresso and a cannoli.

Stephen Savona
President, Savonas Trattoria

savonas business owner

We’re looking forward to the opening of Rondout Savings Bank’s convenient Hyde Park branch.

Todd Martin
COO, Emergency One

emergency one business owner

To have the bank president take the time to know my business is everything to me.

Scott Dutton, Architect
Owner, Scott Dutton Associates

scott dutton business owner