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President's Message

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Thursday, October 29 2020

President's Message

Rondout Savings Bank is here for you and will continue serving the needs of all our customers while considering the safety of our employees and community.

Established in 1868, Rondout Savings Bank has a long history of providing a secure place for depositors to grow their savings. Even when facing some of the nation’s most historic challenges including wars, recessions, and the Great Depression, Rondout Savings Bank continued to expand and build on its trusted reputation.

Today, we remain one of the nation’s most successful, long-standing independent banks. We have received both local and national recognition awards for financial excellence and our support to the communities we serve. You’ll find comfort in knowing that Rondout’s asset quality, capital earnings and liquidity continue to remain strong.

During these uniquely difficult times, we want to remind everyone that together we will persevere. Our focus on helping each other and strengthening our community is even more important today than ever. We will continue to donate 10% of our earnings to local charities in need through our Dividends To The Community program.

We are here to help.

We’re committed to being proactive and responsive to the needs of our customers during this time. If you are experiencing a hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, please reach out to one of our professionals and we would be glad to assist.

We are making every effort to assist our loan customers during this difficult period. Please call our residential loan servicing department to request COVID-19 relief regarding your loan payment. They can be reached at 845-331-0073 and select option 4. For our business loan customers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic please contact our Commercial Loan Officers, Steve Sickler at 845-334-4106 or Evan Rothfuss at 845-334-2245 to request COVID-19 relief.

If you have questions about COVID-19 relief for your deposit account(s), please give us a call at 845-331-0073.  To help support our customers during this challenging time, Rondout Savings Bank, as of April 2020, will be waiving all Reg. D excessive fees from applicable accounts through 03/31/2021. The assessment of fees will resume on 4/1/2021.

We want to remind you that you can use any ATM, anywhere, with no Rondout Savings Bank surcharge fee (please note that surcharge fees may be charged by the financial institution that owns the ATM).

In alignment with the safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), access to all Rondout Savings Bank branch lobbies and loan centers has been modified.

Please contact us at 845 331-0073 and check the updated hours below. 

We encourage our customers to use our remote banking tools that provide 24/7 access to your account(s) from home.

Warmest Regards,

Cheryl Bowers, President and CEO